101 Goals in 1001 Days - The List

I'm rebooting my 101 Goals in 1,001 Days.  This time, I will be running my 101 in 1,001 from May 1, 2015 to January 26, 2018.  Below are the goals that I have, along with updates to keep track of how I am doing.


  1.  Complete NaNoWriMo 
  2. Read 365 books in a year 
  3. Re-learn how to knit 
  4. Re-learn how to crochet 
  5. Color a coloring book by myself 
  6. Play (and complete) Pokemon Black 2 
  7. Watch the full run of Lost 
  8. Write a review of every episode in a season of a TV show 
  9. Sew a craft I've found online 
  10. Geocache one time 
  11. Read for at least 1 hour every day 
  12. Write a letter and mail it 
  13. Take a picture every day for a year 
  14. Record me singing 
  15. Go to a Pokemon Nationals Tournament 
  1. Lose 75 pounds 
  2. Plant a garden 
  3. Cook dinner every night for a month 
  4. Do Wii Fit every day for a month 
  5. Participate in a 1/2 marathon 
  6. Break 10,000 steps 
  7. Complete C25K 
  8. Have a massage 
  9. Drink no soda for one month 
  10. Drink 8 glasses of water every day for one month 
  11. Eat no fast food for one month 
  12. Go to the dentist 
  13. Keep a food diary for one month 
  14. Complete every location in the walking challenge on Wii Fit 
  15. Complete every location in the altitude challenge on Wii Fit 
  16. Earn my yellow belt in karate 
  1. Learn Polish 
  2. Take a class 
  3. Volunteer at the boys' school 
  4. At the end of 1,001 days, make a new 101 list starting with the ones not finished on this list
  1. Get my passport 
  2. Travel to a foreign country
  3. Take a trip to Memphis
  4. Take a trip to Chattanooga
  5. Take a trip to Atlanta
  6. Take the kids to Florida for a visit 
  1. Make my own sushi
  2. Let the boys help me bake
  1. Have the van detailed
  2. Empty boxes in the front closet  
  3. Empty boxes in the dining room
  4. Organize linen closet 
  5. Organize pictures
  6. Make a permanent space for my sewing machine
  7. Find a frame to hang the boys' spring pictures
  8. Create a Control Journal
  9. Make a checklist to review nightly to make sure I'm getting regular things done that I want to do.
  10. Use the dry erase board for chores
  11. Reorganize the kitchen
Mental Health
  1. Fly a kite
  2. Learn to meditate
  3. Get lost and find something interesting   
  4. Spend an afternoon reading outside
  5. Make an "I'm Beautiful Because..." poster and hang it up
  6. Make a list of things that make me feel good or relax me and do at least one a week
  7. Journal at least 5 times a week
  8. Spend a day saying "Yes"
  9. Write a list of 100 things that make me happy
  1. Take a 1 day class with Teddy
  2. Take a 1 day class with Peter
  3. Dance in the rain with my family
  4. Make a place to show off the kids artwork and good schoolwork
  5. Take the boys to see a movie in the theater
  6. Attend the TN Ren Faire
  7. Take the kids to Warner Park
  8. See a movie on opening night
  9. Take the kids to the Franklin Institute
  10. Set up a budget and stick to it for 1 month
  11. Dance with Rich
  12. Spend a full day doing everything Teddy wants to do
  13. Spend a full day doing everything Peter wants to do
  14. Spend a full day doing everything I want
  15. Spend a full day doing everything Rich wants
  16. Save $3,000
  17. Send Rich flowers at work
  18. Have a cookout
  19. Look at the clouds with the boys and talk about what they look like
  20. Play tag outside with the boys
  21. Have a "book club" with Teddy
  22. Play a video game with my boys
  23. Help the boys make "I'm Special" posters
  1. Find a watch I can wear
  2. Buy a new couch
  3. Buy a new mattress
  4. Buy 1 to 2 gifts a month for each boy to get read for Christmas
  5. Get a new stereo for the van
  6. Buy patio furniture
  7. Put up curtains
  8. Get a Keurig
  9. Buy a book for someone else
  10. Buy a Chinese Jump Rope
  1. Attend at least 1 stage play a year
  2. Attend a baseball game
  3. Visit the Frist
  4. Pay for someone behind me in line
  5. Donate items to Goodwill 4 times a year (1/4)


The Paperback Diva said...

Hi, Amber. I'm delighted to be the first to post to the blog! I saw your swap on Swap-bot. I'm watching for now. I found this idea interesting. I'll check out the website a little more and decide if I can handle it. I don't intend to be a flaker!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Theresa (sgjolinar) from swap-bot. Just letting you know this was a wonderful idea! I'm so excited to get started on my list. :)

Amber DiTullio said...

Thanks, both of you, for stopping by! I'm really hoping to feel successful in 1001 days. I hope that you'll both join the second part of the swap!