07 October 2015

Back to updating?

So, my posting updates weekly kinda didn't happen.  Neither did some of the things that I was trying to do for a month or a year.  But the good thing with 1001 days is that I have plenty of time to make them happen still.  And just because I didn't keep up with those things doesn't mean that I didn't get anything done from my list.  So here's a look at what I was able to cross off over the last couple of months.

17. Plant a garden  - Well, this one was attempted, though not really succeeded.  I planted things a bit later than I should have - tomatoes, peas, scallion, and lettuce.  The only thing even growing are the tomatoes but they haven't born fruit yet.  A friend of mine told me that I should bring them in for the winter to get a head start next spring.  So I will try again in the spring and see if I can be any more successful.

45. Empty boxes in the front closet - One day, after the kids had gone back to school (I think), I decided it was time to dive in and clear things out.  I was able to get through all of the boxes in one day.  The only boxes left in there now are boxes that contain pictures.  It was one of my biggest accomplishments thus far.

68. Take the boys to see a movie in a theater - We took the boys to see Home a few months ago  at the Hickory 8.  It's a $2 theater near our apartment and it's not a bad one.  I'm planning on taking them to see a movie on Friday if they get their room cleaned up by then.  And hopefully this will be the something we do fairly often from now on.

72. Take the kids to the Franklin Institute - Last month, we flew to Philadelphia for a wedding.  While we were there, we took the boys to some of the sights, including the Franklin Institute.  They had a blast there and, I suspect, would love to go back again.  Maybe the next time we're up there.  Here are a couple of the pics from that visit.

Teddy and Pete in front of Ben
Their favorite thing to see was the Heart!
Pete had a blast being in the neurons of the brain
Teddy liked looking in the mock up of the book shop`

74. Dance with Rich - I got a chance to do this at the wedding.  I wish I had a picture, but since I was the one with our camera, no luck there.  But the important thing was that I got a chance to sway to the music with Rich.  It was wonderful being a part of the married couples dance and not having to get off the floor quickly.  

85. Play a video game with my boys - The boys decided to sell a bunch of the games they no longer played so they could pick up a different game they had wanted for awhile.  They decided to pick up Mario Party 10 and immediately wanted us to play it with them.  So we joined them in a couple of games.  It was a lot of fun, though a lot of the rolls didn't want to go my way.  Still and all, I enjoyed it and need to do it more often.

101.  Donate items to Goodwill 4 times a year - I've managed to do this once so far.  As I go through the house, organizing and rearranging, I'll be able to find more things to donate.  Especially since I have the boys cleaning their room more often.

So, that's where I stand at the moment.  I'm hoping to jump back on a couple of the ones  that I'm planning for a month or more.  I've gotta get back on track to reading (I have 50-odd books out of the library so it shouldn't be a problem to do it), and I'm hoping to start writing reviews of TV shows (I talk about it on Sanity's Overrated today.)  So progress.  And hopefully, more updates as things go along.