09 May 2015

May 9, 2015 - Day 9

Keeping Up

Days without fast food: (6 in a row)
Days without soda: (8 in a row)
Days of exercise on Wii Fit: (0 in a row)
Glasses of water today: 4
Days of drinking 8 glasses of water or more: 0 (5 in a row)
Nights Dinner Cooked by Me: (3 in a row)
Books read: 5
Hours read: 1 (Number of days: 7)
Pictures Taken: (Number of days: 9)
Steps for the day: 6621
Food diary updated: (0 in a row)
Days Journaled: 0
Stage Plays Attended: 0
Donate to Goodwill: 0

Other Goals Completed

I didn't get this blog updated yesterday.  It was just one of those days.  I spent a majority of the day unplugged, reading books.  It was a wonderfully calm, cool and fantastic day.  I did manage to drink a lot of water, so I was doing fairly well with that.  Steps, however, weren't much of anything.  I only put my reading aside when it was time to bring Pete to therapy.  So it was a relatively good day.

Today was a day of quite a bit of walking.  I took the van to Firestone to get the A/C fixed.  And rather than have Rich clean the car out to pick me up, I walked back home.  When the van was ready, I walked back over there to pick it up.  It was a nice bit of walking.  The weather wasn't too hot nor too cold.  I made sure that I brought along a bottle of water so I wouldn't get too hot.  And driving home with A/C for once!

This morning, our apartment complex held a pancake breakfast.  They made a ton of pancakes and had bananas, blueberries, strawberries, chocolate chips, whipped cream, butter and syrup.  They also had some muffins and some OJ as well.  It was a nice chance to not only have some yummy breakfast (that we neither cooked nor paid for) but also to chat with some of our neighbors a bit.  I even managed to get some cute pics of the boys.

I managed to get a bit more reading done today as well, and took a bit of a long nap while Rich and the boys went out to get stuff for me for Mother's Day.  It should be a nice day, if everything they're planning comes off.  I'll be sure to post about it tomorrow.

And now for the pictures from the last couple of days.

Pete with his K'Nex construction
from therapy
Pete with his therapist and their
even more complex K'Nex construction.

Pete in his silly outfit for at the
pancake breakfast.
My boys, enjoying their pancakes.