06 May 2015

May 6, 2015 - Day 6

Keeping Up

Days without fast food: 5  (3 in a row)
Days without soda: (5 in a row)
Days of exercise on Wii Fit: 0  (0 in a row)
Glasses of water today: 12
Days of drinking 8 glasses of water or more: 3 (3 in a row)
Nights Dinner Cooked by Me: (2 in a row)
Books read: 4
Hours read: 2 (Number of days:4 )
Pictures Taken: (Number of days:6 )
Steps for the day: 2704
Food diary updated: (0 in a row)
Days Journaled: 0
Stage Plays Attended: 0
Donate to Goodwill: 0

Other Goals Completed

Again, I didn't manage to cross any more off of my list, but I am continuing to make progress with some of my ongoing tasks.  One of the hardest parts is no fast food and no soda because I'm essentially lazy and I don't want to have to figure out what I want to eat and then make it.  But I'm trying really hard to stick to my goal because I know that, in the long run, it will make me healthier.  I haven't started up the Wii Fit or the C25K program yet, in a large part because I'm trying to get my back back in shape.  (Severe spasms last night and more starting up today. But I'll make it to doing those eventually.

I did make a step in the right direction for the food diary, however, by purchasing a notebook to use for one.  It works a lot better for me to have something I can carry around with me than something I need to remember to put into the computer later.  Maybe I'll start back over at SparkPeople and be able to transfer my data from the notebook to the website, but if I have the notebook, then I don't need to worry any more.

Tomorrow is going to be a relatively low-impact day again.  There isn't a lot that needs to be done in the way of housecleaning (laundry primarily), though I do need to make a stop at the library to drop off a few things and pick up a few others.  So I make take some of the time and work on some of the other things on my list, like writing out the list of things that make me happy or work on my I'm beautiful poster or something.  Oh, and figure out what kind of quick thing I can make for dinner.  It's League for Rich and the boys so they'll need to eat quickly and leave. But I'm sure I can come up with something.

Today's pictures are ones that I took this morning.  Pete and Teddy were playing around before school and, at one point, Teddy was laying down while Pete decided to use him as a surf board. It was quite amusing so I had to take a picture.

Sitting on the balance ball
becomes a job for 2
I don't think this is what is meant
by the term "body surfing".