05 May 2015

May 5, 2015 - Day 5

Keeping Up

Days without fast food: 4  (2 in a row)
Days without soda: (4 in a row)
Days of exercise on Wii Fit: (0 in a row)
Glasses of water today: 12
Days of drinking 8 glasses of water or more: (2 in a row)
Nights Dinner Cooked by Me: (1 in a row)
Books read: 0
Hours read: 2  (Number of days:3 )
Pictures Taken:  (Number of days:5 )
Steps for the day: 4125
Food diary updated: (0 in a row)
Days Journaled: 0
Stage Plays Attended: 0
Donate to Goodwill: 0

Other Goals Completed

Not up for much typing tonight.  I did something to make my back hurt like heck so sitting up is not the most comfortable of things to do right now.  Again, I haven't gotten anything struck off the list, but I am making progress.  Teddy had a PT Evaluation today, and we picked Pete up at school, so I got plenty of reading done.  I also decided that tonight was the night I was going to start making dinner.  For those who know me, you'll know what a big deal it is.  For those who don't, I hate to cook.  Passionately.  I'm never sure about spicing things and I usually leave cooking to my husband.  Baking, I'll do all the time.  But cooking... not so much.  Tonight, however, I decided to make a meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn.  It wasn't a masterpiece, but it came out pretty well.  And I surprised my husband, so this was a good thing.

I'm also working on a few things around the house - setting up a chore schedule that (hopefully) will work, and trying to stick with my FlyLady..  I'm starting to make plans for doing things with the kids over the summer.  I just need to write a few things down so I don't forget them.

And now, I'll share the picture I took today and get back to resting and (maybe) reading.  Pete decided he wanted to see how he looked in Teddy's glasses.  Personally, I think he's a little Edna Mode.  Chime in with your thoughts!