10 May 2015

May 10, 2015 - Day 10, Mother's Day Edition

Keeping Up

Days without fast food: (7 in a row)
Days without soda: (9 in a row)
Days of exercise on Wii Fit: (0 in a row)
Glasses of water today: 2
Days of drinking 8 glasses of water or more: 0 (0 in a row)
Nights Dinner Cooked by Me: (3 in a row)
Books read: 6
Hours read: (Number of days: 8)
Pictures Taken: (Number of days:10 )
Steps for the day: 589
Food diary updated: (0 in a row)
Days Journaled: 1
Stage Plays Attended: 0
Donate to Goodwill: 0

Other Goals Completed

Today, being Mother's Day, wasn't a day that I focused on my goals overly much (other than taking advantage of lots of time to read.)  And I'm not going to stress over it either.  Instead, I'm going to just revel in a day dedicated to me. The boys brought me in their gifts and cards (picture will be below.)  I was able to have eggs benedict, coffee and orange juice for breakfast, followed by a time to relax up in my room. I got started on my goal of watching all the episodes of Lost. I called my own Mom for Mother's Day and talked to her for a little while, then went downstairs to a scrounge lunch and a family movie of The Lego Movie. Teddy fell asleep, but the rest of us enjoyed it all the way through.  Afterward, I went back upstairs to read a bit more of Pocket Apocolypse by Seanan McGuire.  (Managed to finish it a bit later tonight as well.)  We had personal pizzas for dinner - mine was bacon and pineapple, which is something I hardly ever get because only Teddy and I like pineapple.  We were going to watch a family movie together (I'd chosen The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone.) but we only got through about 1/2 of it before the fighting and arguing of the boys got me too annoyed and I decided to yield the TV to them instead.  But before I went upstairs, I got to have a piece of the cake that Rich and the boys made for me.

It wasn't a perfect day - the boys didn't help Rich with much and there was a bit of fighting - but it was still a great day.  Rich even did a little cleaning and he and the boys worked on my van a bit.  It was a start, anyway.

Tomorrow will be getting back into hectic, hectic craziness. The first of three days of field trips will be happening, plus needing to get the apartment ready for the new windows that will be installed Tuesday.  I'm planning on bringing my big ol' jug of water to keep me hydrated for the day.  Because I'm really learning that water is essential.

And now for my adorable Mother's Day Swag:

The pillow and bookmark were from
both the boys, the "grapes" and
bouquet card were made by Pete
at school.