04 January 2012

Updates from the last few days

The last couple of days have been busy.  Some productive, others... not so much.  But it's a process, just like everything else in life.  So I'm still feeling good about my challenge.  I've had far more good moments than bad.

One of the good things is... I actually was able to cross one thing off of my list. Number 5, actually. I bought a (fairly) good pedometer.

I've used the pro-form pedometers before and really liked them.  The only problem that I'm running into is that I have a tendency to bump it against things and resetting it.  I'm still trying to find a work around for that, but when I start walking again, it should be fine for measuring steps and distance, as well as to make sure that my pulse isn't too high.  I also like the fact that it has a flashlight on it.  Definitely helps if I'm walking somewhere at night.

Now for the rest...

I've been pretty good about cutting down my computer time (11).  I've spent more time off the computer than I have on it, for the most part.  I need to find a program or app or something that will actually track how long I'm online so I can get a better idea of how much time I'm actually spending there.

Number 12, Eat one fresh fruit or vegetable a day, as been pretty easy.  We've been buying a lot of Cuties and I LOVED them.  It's been so much easier to do this one while Cuties are in season.

Exercising (13) hasn't happened yet today, but I'm hoping to do so tonight once the kids are in bed.  I did a large amount of cleaning today, so I have the room in the living room to do my pilates.

I did update SparkPeople one day (14) but I haven't updated since then.  I've got to start that back up sooner or later.  I'm hoping to start tonight, especially since I have an app on my Kindle for it.

I've been good at at least taking the pictures for number 41 (taking pictures every day for a year).  I posted the first four today as part of Wordless Wednesday at Sanity's Overrated.  I've gotten some cute pics.  At least, I think so.

Since I have my meds in my weekly container, I've been able to keep up with my vitamins (42).  I'm hoping that will make me feel better in the long run.

I haven't been very good on the positive thing a day (44) or the writing fiction (45).  I'm on hiatus from my games, so that takes me out of even that regular writing.  I did buy some composition books today and I'm hoping to turn one into a Fiction Book.

I've been doing pretty good with FlyLady (85), putting in at least 15 minutes a day.  I don't always do the challenges, but I'm trying to keep up with the tenets of the system.

Swaps have been going well.  I've managed to rate each one that's come in within one day rather than the two I have as my goal (92).

And my blogs... I've updated each one twice this week so far.  Just one more for each to meet my goal.

So I'm working on it.  I'm trying hard to keep up with the things that I need to and, more importantly, not beat myself up when I don't hit a goal on a specific day.  It isn't about absolutes.  It's about trends.  And the more used to doing things that I get, the more likely it will be that these will turn into life changes. Because, for me, that's what all of this is about.

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Lynnie said...

Uh oh!!! I was doing 101 in 2012....not 1001 days! Maybe I have gotten myself in over my head. Shooot! I always do that with New Year's resolutions!!! :(

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