06 January 2012

Just a quick update for now

Partly, this is to test if the comment system that I installed (Intense Debates, which is the same one I use on Sanity's Overrated) is working here as well.  Part of it is to do a quick and dirty update.  I'll do a more thorough one later, since Teddy's been pretty patiently waiting for the computer.

Some of my goals so far this week I've hit perfectly.  I've been eating fresh fruit every day (I really do love Cuties) and I got some exercise in yesterday.  I've been drinking 8 glasses of water a day, thanks to my big-ass jug (gotta take a picture to post here, 'cause I love this thing).  I've been writing down a positive thought almost daily and I've been following FlyLady every day.  Maybe not following her perfectly, but following her a bit.

Then there are the ones that I haven't been quite as good at.... things like crafting.  I did do some last night, getting my Scratch Pad ready to go in the mail.  But I haven't done anything else.  I still have a couple days to work on things, though.

One of the things I'm going to do a bit later (I think) is write out a list of the once-a-weeks that I haven't gotten to yet so I can see what I need to do over the weekend.  (Number one on the list is call Mom, Dad & Deni.)  I've had a few rough times over the last couple of days, days where depression has been getting the better of me.  But at this moment, I'm feeling a lot better than I had been.  So this is all to the good.