02 January 2008

Still here on day 2

There were a few things on my daily list that I wasn't able to get to today, more because of opportunity than anything else. The big one was reading to Teddy. Teddy had a friend over today so there wasn't a lot of chances for reading. I did dance and sing with him and Ali though, so that was good.

I haven't been so good on the nail biting. I keep finding my nails in my mouth. I've got to get that stopped. I also need to cut the nails down like... darn. Forgetting who. But it was a great suggestion in LJ. I blame the late hour for my brainlessness.

The closest that I can get to a pay-it-forward was letting someone in front of me in heavy traffic today. Not the best, but not the worst either. There just weren't a lot of other opportunities.

All in all, I'm still on track, though. And that's what matters most.

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Yazmin said...

Have you tried soaking your nails in lemon juice and not rinsing? Not only will it make your nails white, when you put them to your mouth, you will be instantly aware that you are biting your nails and that you need to stop.