07 October 2015

Back to updating?

So, my posting updates weekly kinda didn't happen.  Neither did some of the things that I was trying to do for a month or a year.  But the good thing with 1001 days is that I have plenty of time to make them happen still.  And just because I didn't keep up with those things doesn't mean that I didn't get anything done from my list.  So here's a look at what I was able to cross off over the last couple of months.

17. Plant a garden  - Well, this one was attempted, though not really succeeded.  I planted things a bit later than I should have - tomatoes, peas, scallion, and lettuce.  The only thing even growing are the tomatoes but they haven't born fruit yet.  A friend of mine told me that I should bring them in for the winter to get a head start next spring.  So I will try again in the spring and see if I can be any more successful.

45. Empty boxes in the front closet - One day, after the kids had gone back to school (I think), I decided it was time to dive in and clear things out.  I was able to get through all of the boxes in one day.  The only boxes left in there now are boxes that contain pictures.  It was one of my biggest accomplishments thus far.

68. Take the boys to see a movie in a theater - We took the boys to see Home a few months ago  at the Hickory 8.  It's a $2 theater near our apartment and it's not a bad one.  I'm planning on taking them to see a movie on Friday if they get their room cleaned up by then.  And hopefully this will be the something we do fairly often from now on.

72. Take the kids to the Franklin Institute - Last month, we flew to Philadelphia for a wedding.  While we were there, we took the boys to some of the sights, including the Franklin Institute.  They had a blast there and, I suspect, would love to go back again.  Maybe the next time we're up there.  Here are a couple of the pics from that visit.

Teddy and Pete in front of Ben
Their favorite thing to see was the Heart!
Pete had a blast being in the neurons of the brain
Teddy liked looking in the mock up of the book shop`

74. Dance with Rich - I got a chance to do this at the wedding.  I wish I had a picture, but since I was the one with our camera, no luck there.  But the important thing was that I got a chance to sway to the music with Rich.  It was wonderful being a part of the married couples dance and not having to get off the floor quickly.  

85. Play a video game with my boys - The boys decided to sell a bunch of the games they no longer played so they could pick up a different game they had wanted for awhile.  They decided to pick up Mario Party 10 and immediately wanted us to play it with them.  So we joined them in a couple of games.  It was a lot of fun, though a lot of the rolls didn't want to go my way.  Still and all, I enjoyed it and need to do it more often.

101.  Donate items to Goodwill 4 times a year - I've managed to do this once so far.  As I go through the house, organizing and rearranging, I'll be able to find more things to donate.  Especially since I have the boys cleaning their room more often.

So, that's where I stand at the moment.  I'm hoping to jump back on a couple of the ones  that I'm planning for a month or more.  I've gotta get back on track to reading (I have 50-odd books out of the library so it shouldn't be a problem to do it), and I'm hoping to start writing reviews of TV shows (I talk about it on Sanity's Overrated today.)  So progress.  And hopefully, more updates as things go along. 

10 June 2015

June 10,2015 - Day 41 - Update and Changes

I'm going to change the format of this a bit.  I'm finding it difficult for me to update this nightly as I'm usually doing something else and I have a hard time getting comfortable on the computer (since it's a laptop in my bedroom).  So instead of a daily update, I'm going to try for a weekly or bi-monthly update instead.  I'm still keeping track of the things I've done, like how much water I've had to drink and how many books I've read.  I just started putting that info in an app I got awhile ago but hadn't been using.  It's called Keep Track Pro and It's a quick and easy way to put the info I need into my Kindle (Since that's one of the last things I use nightly.)

I have managed to cross a few things off my list lately, though.  I was able to unpack all the boxes in the dining room and get the dining room and Baker's Rack organized.  It was a huge step forward for me and I felt really accomplished when I was done.  A lot of things got organized on shelves, and many more things were thrown away.  But I'm working my way to streamlining things.

The other thing I've done is make a list of things I need to do not only nightly, but daily.  I picked up one of Amazon's Free App of the Day a few weeks ago.  It's called Motivated Moms and it's working wonderfully for me.  There is a subscription fee ($8/yr, which I don't see as terribly expensive) to get updated tasks, but it's definitely worth it for me.  It comes pre-loaded with a bunch of tasks, things that I know need to be done, but I don't regularly think about and if you pay the subscription fee, you'll get updated tasks as the year goes on (right now, I'm in a 2 month trial period).  I'm able to set tasks for the boys, Rich and myself, and it's giving me a way to not only keep track of what I need to get done, but I'm able to keep track of how many earn points the boys get in a day.  All in all, it's helping keep me on task.

There are several others goals that I could probably knock off, but so far, things have been a bit busy.  The boys are on Summer Vacation and the world is getting busy.  I've been a bit iffy with my water,  ate at Sonic last week, and haven't been on top of picture taking.  But I have been reading a lot (17 books in 41 days - and if you're interested in seeing what I've read, you can check my books read page.  So progress is being made, though not as fast as I'd like.  So far, I have checked off of 101.    But I also have  960 days left to finish it off.  Progress!

This week, I'm planning on emptying the boxes in the closet and make a Goodwill run, so that should take care of two more items from my list.  And I'll keep reaching toward that goal of 365 books in a year, as well as all my others.

Teddy and Pete, showing off their
trophies - Teddy's in Math
and Pete's in Music

25 May 2015

May 25, 2015 - Day 25

Keeping Up

Days in a row without fast food: 3
Days in a row without soda: 3
Days in a row of exercise on Wii Fit: 0
Glasses of water today: 8
Days in a row of drinking 8 glasses of water or more: 5
Nights in a row Dinner Cooked by Me: 0
Books read: 11
Hours read today: 1
Pictures Taken: 3
Days in a row of at least 1 picture a day: 2
Steps for the day: 2028

Other Goals Completed

It's been a relatively quiet weekend, all things considered.  Rich and the boys went to a Pokemon tournament on Saturday.  I was able to get some alone time which, after the busy week I'd had, was very much needed.  We also took the chance to watch Into the Woods that I'd picked up at the library earlier that day.  It was a great afternoon.  Sunday was a stay-at-home day where I was able to spend most of the time reading.  I love having days like that.  Though we did manage to get outside for awhile to go to the park with the boys and give them a chance to play outside for awhile.

Today was a day of great friends treating us to lunch, followed by board games with them.  This is part of why I didn't get as much reading done (yet) today.  If I had some goals toward playing games more, I would have had a ton toward it today.  Though I was still able to get pictures taken and I was able to keep up my water drinking.  (And I'm noticing a difference in doing so - the skin on my face had gotten very dry but it's starting to feel less so.)

Tomorrow will be another busy day.  Teddy is having his award ceremony at the school.  So I'll be there for a couple of hours (probably).  There's a bunch of stuff I need to get done around the house as well.  Then Wednesday, the kids only have 1/2 a day of school and I'll be picking them up from school to either take them to the park or to go to a friend's to play.  Then summer break will begin.  I've told the boys that we won't start our summer schedule until next Monday.  So they should enjoy the rest of the week doing their own thing before I pull them into chores and working on some summer work.

Enough for now.  Here are some pictures from yesterday.  Today's picture isn't showing up yet, so I'll add that in for tomorrow.  Enjoy!

May 24, 2015 - Baby strawberries
at the park
May 24, 2015 - A composite picture
of the boys having batting
practice at the park

23 May 2015

Back in the Saddle Again

I haven't been as diligent keeping up with things as I should have been over the last month.  It has been a pretty busy one, though, I had several Field Trips with Teddy's class, then two different awards ceremonies for Pete, along with keeping up with the house and dealing with a fairly bad headache, updating has been one of the last things on my mind.

I will admit to falling off the wagon with a few things.  I've eaten fast food several times over the last couple of weeks, and there were quite a few days that I wasn't drinking the water that I should have been.  But a combination of the kids being home as of 11:30 this coming Wednesday and being a bit short of money means that I'll be able to rededicate myself to doing the healthier things.

I have been keeping up with the books, though.  I've been able to have plenty of time to settle back and read a bit (if you're interested to see what I've been reading, look at the Books I've Read tab above).  I've also been playing a few audio books while I've been cleaning.  Right now, I'm listening to Split Second, the first book in David Baldacci's King and Maxwell series.

I hoping that the schedule I've set up for the summer will keep me motivated on things.  I've got a a general plan and the chores figured out.  I picked up a new app called Motivated Moms. It's a great task and to do app that I comes with preloaded tasks that you can hide if they don't apply, the ability to add your own tasks, the ability to assign tasks to people and the ability to set each task within a room.  The only thing I wish it had was a way to assign a task to more than one person at a time.  But it has been keeping me on track of things.  Which is one of the things I need to do.

Hopefully tomorrow (or even tonight)), I'll get back on track for updating.  It's really the only way I can keep track of some of the things I want to do for a certain amount of time (like the 30 days of 8 glasses of water or the pictures for a full year).

In the meantime, here are some pictures that I have taken recently.  I know that I've missed a few days here and there, so I'll need to restart the clock on it, but, hey, that's why it goes for 1,001 days.

May 11, 2015 - At Traveller's Rest with
Teddy's Class
May 12, 2015 - Teddy on the way to

May 12, 2015 - One of the many sights to see at Cheekwood
May 13, 2015 - Teddy going down
the Guitar Slide at the Country
Music Hall of Fame (We went with his
Encore Class)

May 14, 2015 - Lemon getting comfy
under the covers
May 19, 2015 - Kami loves to hid in Rich's

May 20, 2015 - Peter getting his
Music Award at the Kindergarten
awards ceremony
May 22, 2015 - Peter getting his
awards from his teacher, Mrs. Huff.
So proud of that boy!

10 May 2015

May 10, 2015 - Day 10, Mother's Day Edition

Keeping Up

Days without fast food: (7 in a row)
Days without soda: (9 in a row)
Days of exercise on Wii Fit: (0 in a row)
Glasses of water today: 2
Days of drinking 8 glasses of water or more: 0 (0 in a row)
Nights Dinner Cooked by Me: (3 in a row)
Books read: 6
Hours read: (Number of days: 8)
Pictures Taken: (Number of days:10 )
Steps for the day: 589
Food diary updated: (0 in a row)
Days Journaled: 1
Stage Plays Attended: 0
Donate to Goodwill: 0

Other Goals Completed

Today, being Mother's Day, wasn't a day that I focused on my goals overly much (other than taking advantage of lots of time to read.)  And I'm not going to stress over it either.  Instead, I'm going to just revel in a day dedicated to me. The boys brought me in their gifts and cards (picture will be below.)  I was able to have eggs benedict, coffee and orange juice for breakfast, followed by a time to relax up in my room. I got started on my goal of watching all the episodes of Lost. I called my own Mom for Mother's Day and talked to her for a little while, then went downstairs to a scrounge lunch and a family movie of The Lego Movie. Teddy fell asleep, but the rest of us enjoyed it all the way through.  Afterward, I went back upstairs to read a bit more of Pocket Apocolypse by Seanan McGuire.  (Managed to finish it a bit later tonight as well.)  We had personal pizzas for dinner - mine was bacon and pineapple, which is something I hardly ever get because only Teddy and I like pineapple.  We were going to watch a family movie together (I'd chosen The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone.) but we only got through about 1/2 of it before the fighting and arguing of the boys got me too annoyed and I decided to yield the TV to them instead.  But before I went upstairs, I got to have a piece of the cake that Rich and the boys made for me.

It wasn't a perfect day - the boys didn't help Rich with much and there was a bit of fighting - but it was still a great day.  Rich even did a little cleaning and he and the boys worked on my van a bit.  It was a start, anyway.

Tomorrow will be getting back into hectic, hectic craziness. The first of three days of field trips will be happening, plus needing to get the apartment ready for the new windows that will be installed Tuesday.  I'm planning on bringing my big ol' jug of water to keep me hydrated for the day.  Because I'm really learning that water is essential.

And now for my adorable Mother's Day Swag:

The pillow and bookmark were from
both the boys, the "grapes" and
bouquet card were made by Pete
at school. 

09 May 2015

May 9, 2015 - Day 9

Keeping Up

Days without fast food: (6 in a row)
Days without soda: (8 in a row)
Days of exercise on Wii Fit: (0 in a row)
Glasses of water today: 4
Days of drinking 8 glasses of water or more: 0 (5 in a row)
Nights Dinner Cooked by Me: (3 in a row)
Books read: 5
Hours read: 1 (Number of days: 7)
Pictures Taken: (Number of days: 9)
Steps for the day: 6621
Food diary updated: (0 in a row)
Days Journaled: 0
Stage Plays Attended: 0
Donate to Goodwill: 0

Other Goals Completed

I didn't get this blog updated yesterday.  It was just one of those days.  I spent a majority of the day unplugged, reading books.  It was a wonderfully calm, cool and fantastic day.  I did manage to drink a lot of water, so I was doing fairly well with that.  Steps, however, weren't much of anything.  I only put my reading aside when it was time to bring Pete to therapy.  So it was a relatively good day.

Today was a day of quite a bit of walking.  I took the van to Firestone to get the A/C fixed.  And rather than have Rich clean the car out to pick me up, I walked back home.  When the van was ready, I walked back over there to pick it up.  It was a nice bit of walking.  The weather wasn't too hot nor too cold.  I made sure that I brought along a bottle of water so I wouldn't get too hot.  And driving home with A/C for once!

This morning, our apartment complex held a pancake breakfast.  They made a ton of pancakes and had bananas, blueberries, strawberries, chocolate chips, whipped cream, butter and syrup.  They also had some muffins and some OJ as well.  It was a nice chance to not only have some yummy breakfast (that we neither cooked nor paid for) but also to chat with some of our neighbors a bit.  I even managed to get some cute pics of the boys.

I managed to get a bit more reading done today as well, and took a bit of a long nap while Rich and the boys went out to get stuff for me for Mother's Day.  It should be a nice day, if everything they're planning comes off.  I'll be sure to post about it tomorrow.

And now for the pictures from the last couple of days.

Pete with his K'Nex construction
from therapy
Pete with his therapist and their
even more complex K'Nex construction.

Pete in his silly outfit for at the
pancake breakfast.
My boys, enjoying their pancakes.

07 May 2015

May 7, 2015 - Day 7

Keeping Up

Days without fast food: (4 in a row)
Days without soda: (6 in a row)
Days of exercise on Wii Fit: (0 in a row)
Glasses of water today: 17
Days of drinking 8 glasses of water or more: (4 in a row)
Nights Dinner Cooked by Me: (3 in a row)
Books read: 4
Hours read: (Number of days:5 )
Pictures Taken: (Number of days:7 )
Steps for the day: 4025
Food diary updated: (0 in a row)
Days Journaled: 0
Stage Plays Attended: 0
Donate to Goodwill: 0

Other Goals Completed

I didn't get much done today, aside for reading.  I did stop by the library and pick up some books - both books that I'd requested and books that I found. One is about decluttering and the other is trying to find things to do with the boys over the summer. I'm hoping to spend some time looking through those tomorrow.  Today has been more about reading Half-Off Ragnarok by Seanan McGuire.

I also got a chance to try a new place to eat.  This is something that had been on past 101 lists.  And it's one I probably should have put on this one, but oh well.  It's still expanding my horizons.  The place I tried out is called Mirko.  It's an Italian restaurant across from the library.  It was a little pricier than I'd planned for lunch.  (The specials were $8.)  But the food was wonderful. I had Spinach Ravioli Norma which was just... fantastic.  It's a place I definitely want to get back there at some point.

Tomorrow will be another day of puttering and maybe, just maybe, working on some of the lists and art projects that I have on my list.  Or maybe just making notes from the books that I got out.

And now for today's picture.  I'd been making dinner (nuggets and fries) and came back to sit down at the dining room to read while they cooked.  Instead, I found that my seat had been taken.

Her majesty on her throne. 
Her majesty from above.

As frustrating as she can be, I do love my Kami-girl!